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BIS Follow up Services for ISI Mark

STQC - BIS - Indian - Certifications

International Marking & Certifications

CE / ENEC Marking for Europe

Certified Safety Critical Components

QMS/ EMS Certifications

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Product Certification Services and National and International Approvals of goods, we endeavor to achieve total customer satisfaction by offering quality services. Our Services include:

1.    Conformity Certification Services (CCS)

A.   Type of Certification Schems

  • Design Approval Scheme
  • Batch Certification Scheme
  • Full Certification Scheme

B.   Conformity Inspection Services (CIS) and

Currently CIIPL operates Product Certification Schemes for Compliance to :

  • Electrical and other Product Safety Standards
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Standards
  • Performance Standards
  • Energy Performance Standards
  • Conformity assessment of products

 2.   Conformity Inspection Services (CIS)

A. Inspection services for Certification

  • To conduct the inspection for the batch inspection of Type 1b scheme of CIIPL
  • To conduct the factory inspection (initial and surveillance routine factory inspection.

B. Inspection services provided to other Certified Bodies (CBs), like VDE, NEMKO, SGS‐CEBEC, CENELEC, IECEE‐CB, etc

C. Inspection services provided as Outsourced Agencies like Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), etc

D. Inspection of goods for compliance:

  • c. against the customer requirements
  • d. pre‐shipment/Consignment Inspection

3.  Direct Services

   Conformity Direct Services (National / International Approvals from Regulatory Set-ups)

   A.   International Approvals

  • Mutual Recognition Agreement with ELECTROSUISSE, the Swiss National Certification Body for European approvals
  • Selective arrangements with VDE, the German National Certification Body and NEMKO, the Norwegian certification body for international approvals
  • Through its worldwide connections, CII offers International Approvals for a spectrum of countries covering Europe, USA, Canada, China, Bangkok, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia & Nigeria, Nepal, Bangladesh and other SAARC Countries etc

   B.   National Approvals

      CII facilitates Approvals from Indian Regulatory Bodies like

  • Telecom Engineering Centre - TEC (Department of Telecom)
  • Wireless Planning & Coordination - WPC (Department of Telecom)
  • Bureau of Indian Standards - BIS
  • Standardization Testing & Quality Certification Directorate - STQC (Department of IT)
  • Bureau of Energy efficiency-BEE
  • Chief Controller of Explosives - CcoE
  • Director General of Mines Safety - DGMS

4.  Field of Operation

   CIIPL provides certification and inspection services in the following Scope sectors:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunication, Audio and Video engineering
  • Information Technology, Office machines
  • Rubber and plastic industries & Personal Protection equipment
  • Health care technology
  • Metrology and measurement, Physical phenomena
  • Mechanical systems and components for general
  • Energy and heat Transfer Engineering
  • Material Handling Equipments
  • Chemical Technology
  • Domestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports
  • Biomedical Equipments
  • Light and luminaries
  • Water Testing equipments
  • Image Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Construction materials and building
  • Environment. Health Protection. Safety

Conformity India International vows to stand on the core integrity & premium customer services that have helped us build lasting relationships with our clients. we believe our goal is the same as yours, successful completion of the project. We ensure it.


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