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An AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE OF NEMKO NORWAY, Conformity India International is in the business to help Indian Manufacturers looking for International market access. Conformity India International entered into an Agreement with a reputed international Certification Body NEMKO AS of Norway in the January 2006 to represent their Services in India. NEMKO is an institution for mandatory safety testing and national approval of electrical equipment to be marketed and sold in Norway for connection the public utility network. In 1990, NEMKO was transformed into an independent, self-owned foundation, having a council of representatives from different interest groups and became the owner of NEMKO AS (NEMKO Group). The NEMKO Group today offers testing, inspection and certification services concerning products, machinery, installations and systems worldwide. NEMKO is not only a notified body under the EC Directives for CE Marking but also owns branches in USA, Canada, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong for facilitating product marking for markets beyond Europe. NEMKO AS today is known for providing easier worldwide market access and is one of the largest producers of CB Test Certificates under the IECEE-CB Scheme of the International Electro-technical Commission for mutual acceptance of test and certification results.

Under the Agreement Conformity India International renders all local support to Indian Clients for seeking NEMKO certifications or services for any other worldwide certification or approvals through NEMKO. At the same time it provides local support to all international clients of NEMKO AS looking for Indian Certifications and Approvals. Conformity India International personnel provide factory inspections and witness testing on behalf of NEMKO. Appointments are also possible for conducting System Certification Assessments for QMS and EMS Certifications. Using the Notified Body status of NEMKO AS, Conformity India International provides route to CE Mark, ENEC Mark, Key Mark, HAR Mark and CCA EMC Mark. With wide presence of NEMKO set-ups from Japan to USA, Conformity India International uses its relations with NEMKO for any worldwide certification for its clients.


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