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Conformity India International Private Limited is in the business to help International Manufacturers looking for Indian market access. Product Certification by Indian Departments and Ministeries is the right way for accessing the Indian Markets while adhering to the law of the land. Certifications & Approvals in Electrotechnical Sector are granted by various Departments and Conformity India International Private Limted being in regular touch with them provides an easier approach to achieving these approvals by way of organising for pre-compliance testing, application formalities, sample submissions, customs handling, testing,competitive sourcing of certified components, assistance in prototype development, manufacturing process verification and assessments, required for Safety & EMC and other such Compliances of the products.In nut shell we provide one stop solutions for all compliance certification, marking related issues. The Scope of Services in this domain handled by Conformity Direct Services Division of CII includes:

STQC Certification

Standardisation, Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) Directorate is an attached office under the Department of Information Technology, Government of India. STQC provides cost-effective International level Assurance Services in Quality and Security on a national level to Indian industry and users. STQC operates its own Safety and EMC Certification Schemes as per IEC / CISPR Standards for Electronics Products and Components primarily. The schemes are intended to provide by means of factory inspection, testing and subsequent surveillance an adequate level of confidence regarding Safety & EMC compliance of approved products to appropriate international standards. STQC is a National Certification Body under the IECEE-CB Scheme primarily in electronics & IT segments. It also tests and certifies Electrical Appliances and has testing facilities for Equipment for Explosives Atmosphere. STQC Schemes and marks are well known in India. Administration of Certification is based on Testing at STQC Labs with Factory Inspection of Manufacturing Facilities on Annual Basis by STQC Engineers. Local Representative of the Applicant is preferred.

BIS Certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards, empowered through a legislative Act of the Indian Parliament, known as the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 1986, operates a product certification scheme, and has till date granted more than 30,000 licenses to manufacturers covering practically every industrial discipline from Agriculture to Textiles to Electronics. The certification allows the licensees to use the popular ISI Mark, which has become synonymous with Quality products for the Indian and neighbouring markets over the past 50 years. BIS is a National Certification Body under the IECEE-CB Scheme primarily in electrical components sector.

BIS Operates certification for ISI Mark (for Safety) as per Indian Standards. The grant of BIS license is based on testing at labs recognised by BIS in India. Factory Inspection is carried out by BIS Inspectors periodically. Manufacturer is supposed to have test facilities for routine tests. Local Representative is essential. Conformity India International Private Limited is an authorised agent (follow up service provider) appointed by BIS to carry out inspections, drawl of samples and testing under product certification scheme of BIS for the complete territory of the Republic of India.

TEC Certification

Telecom Engineering Centre under Department of Telecommunications imparts TEC Approvals for Telecom Equipment requiring connection to public networks or interface with them. Standards followed are drafted by TEC but are generally adopted International standards. Visit to manufacturer premises is required as a part of approval process. Local Representative of the manufacturer is mandatory.WPC Approvals

WPC Approvals

Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) within Department of Telecommunications imparts Various Approvals for Wireless Equipment. Type Approval, Experimental License, Interface Approvals and Clearance for Free Frequency Domain Products is essential before such equipment could be produced or brought into Indian Territory. Local Representative of the manufacturer is mandatory.

DGMS Certification

Director General of Mines Safety has the exclusive jurisdication to certify equipment for use in Mining Areas. Approvals are granted based on compliance to notified Indian Standards.

CCoE Approvals

Chief Controller of Explosives has the jurisdiction to Besides Approvals for mining safety by Director General of Mine Safety and equipment for explosive atmospheres by Chief Controller of Explosives and Wireless Equipment by Wireless Advisor are also prevalent in Indian Markets.


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